Not your typical VC fund

We support exceptional founders throughout their scaling journey, leveraging funding expertise and global relationships. We back contrarians, because we are contrarians.

Over the past decade, FOM has invested in over 150 exceptional teams building legendary products. We are a group of operators, founders and technologists utlising our networks and expertise to back the next generation of exceptional founders.

How we are different
Operational Support

We have collectively scaled and managed multiple teams across many verticals including product, sales, engineering, and strategy, hence uniquely positioned to provide entrepreneurs with expert practical support where needed.

As a result, we have been lucky enough to invest in some amazing technology businesses, affording us the unique knowledge with which to build our own technology, and power our own internal innovation.

Our work has enabled us to build a strong community of friends, colleagues and fellow tech enthusiasts. Our value lies in the balance between a human-centric and technology-driven approach to investing, whether that’s leveraging our unique dataset and platform to access to key company insights, or providing referrals to some of our friendly funds. We are here to support our founders.

Both founders and investors should have more liquidity options available to them. We have designed our new funds with this in mind.

Collaborating with Floww and London Stock Exchange Group, FOM invests through a unique custody and legal framework. This significantly reduces the friction and costs associated with primary and secondary transactions, while crucially maintaining full control for the founder and/or investor.

The road to success can be unpredictable, which is why our new FOM funds are focused on improving the liquidity constraints that currently exist in the market.

How We Work: Our Process
Pitch Submission
Meet The Team

To ensure we capture the key elements of your pitch, we use Floww to digest all pitch material. Don’t worry, Everything that you share remains completely private and sets you up in the best possible light while being reviewed. If you would like to reach out regarding a potential investment, please send your pitch

If there’s a match, you can expect to meet with multiple team members as part of our DD process. We don’t like wasting time – we have a concise, informative and transparent process from the get go.
Once you become part of the FOM family, we are committed to provide as much support as you need. Be it strategic guidance on how to effectively scale your product team, or an introduction to one of our friendly funds down the road, we’re here to lend a hand.
Our Portfolio