More liquidity, less hassle

Powered by innovation, technology and partnerships, our new funds have been carefully designed to reduce friction and increase efficiency across the venture capital value chain.

We apply technology and data analytics to every aspect of our business, from deal sourcing and selection, to fund management, structuring, broadening our investors’ access to opportunities and providing more liquidity options along the way.

How we are different

There has been a historical disconnect in communication between founders, VCs and LPs. Some examples of outdated processes include quarterly email updates, clunky PDFs and archaic reporting tools, leaving all communications in inefficient, unreliable, and untraceable formats.

Using technology and data, FOM seamlessly connects these three stakeholders. FOM LPs can access all portfolio company data via desktop and mobile, allowing investors to monitor their portfolios instantly and in real-time. Granular data access provides a more efficient and transparent communication channel, giving investors the luxury of more information and Founders the comfort of security and control.

We believe that typical 10-year lock-up periods are a thing of the past. Investors should have access to liquidity options at multiple points in time across all of their asset classes.

All of our latest funds are built on next generation infrastructure that supports liquidity, promotes transparency, and significantly reduces fund timelines.

While the private market champions innovative disruptors, surprisingly little innovation has taken place in the private markets itself.

Collaborating with Floww and London Stock Exchange Group, FOM has designed a new financial infrastructure which allows for new ways of investing in this asset class with reduced costs, zero admin, and in significantly shorter timelines. We achieve this by using an innovative investment structure (as opposed to the traditional GP LP model) to completely deconstruct the fund. This enables investors to buy and sell fractions of their positions at any time.


Our Seed Fund invests in B2B Technology innovation, specifically in a variety of tech sectors including Fintech, AI, SaaS, Deeptech and more. With an excellent track record over a 10-year period, we implement a proven approach to selecting winners from more than 1,500 start-ups a year. We only use the most advanced data analytics, powered by Floww, combined with advanced behavioral science assessments and streamlined processes in our due diligence process.

The Seed Fund is structured to benefit from the UK’s (S)EIS tax reliefs available to UK investors. For each investor, we build a portfolio of early-stage companies and adhere to advanced Risk Management metrics to ensure each fund is sufficiently diversified. Our Seed Fund Investors are invited to co-investing alongside of us, be it in our early-stage opportunities.

The Growth Fund is structured specifically for institutional investors who look for exposure into UK, European, and US growth-stage companies. Our unique associations with Floww and their strategic partner the London Stock Exchange, puts us at the center of the UK growth stage pre-IPO market. When combined with our data-analytics we review thousands of opportunities a year that now include US-based opportunities. Thanks to our bespoke technological applications we only adhere to the strictest due diligence approaches.

After year in development, our most recent Growth Fund is structured to embed secondaries by design. The additional liquidity features are built into the documentation of each certificate owned by the investor; a unique innovation pioneered by Force Over Mass together with its key partners. We look forward to helping our investors achieve shorter lock-up periods with enhanced returns.

Index funds have been the biggest liquidity generators in both equity and bond markets. FOM’s upcoming index products are no different.

FOM offers dynamically managed venture portfolios based on sector and stage. Our index funds are first of their kind, designed to seamlessly fit into the unique way that pension funds and other institutional investors operate. We provide bespoke products for the pension market that matches their mandate and gives them managed access to alternative assets.