More liquidity, less hassle

Powered by innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships, our new funds are carefully designed to minimize friction and enhance efficiency throughout the venture capital value chain. We integrate technology and data analytics into every facet of our business, spanning deal sourcing, selection, fund management, and structuring. This approach aims to broaden our investors' access to opportunities, providing increased liquidity options along the way.
How we are different
Risk Management
Gain unprecedented control over your private portfolio straight to your mobile phone accessible via the Floww app — comprehensive, secure, and subject to sophisticated privacy controls. Opt into pre-selected co-investment opportunities anytime for strategic diversification. Elevate your investment game with us.
Experience a strategic reduction in average portfolio duration with our latest funds. Our innovative features eliminate the need for the long lock-up periods associated with the industry, providing access to a broader range of exit opportunities at earlier investment stages. This empowers our investors to efficiently optimise their portfolio duration with precision and foresight.
By collaborating with Floww and the London Stock Exchange Group, we've transformed the venture investing proposition. Our cohesive technological framework will result in lower liquidity risk premiums over time. Set against Floww's backdrop of enhanced sophisticated governance and infrastructure, the result is a more secure foundation for your private investments.

Our Seed Fund specializes in investing in B2B technology innovation, with particular expertise in fintech, AI, SaaS, and deeptech verticals. Boasting an excellent track record spanning a decade, we employ a proven approach to selecting winners from a pool of over 1,500 start-ups annually. Our methodology combines advanced data analytics, powered by Floww, with behavioral science assessments and streamlined due diligence processes.

The Seed Fund actively seeks the most promising seed and pre-seed opportunities across Europe, strategically structured to leverage the UK’s (S)EIS tax reliefs for UK investors. Tailoring each portfolio to align with investors' mandates, we adhere to advanced Risk Management metrics to ensure optimal diversification for each fund. Furthermore, Seed Fund Investors gain direct access to co-investing opportunities alongside the fund, where available.

The FOM Growth Fund is tailored specifically for institutional or larger investors seeking exposure to UK, European, and US growth-stage opportunities from Series A to late-stage growth. Our distinctive partnership with Floww and their strategic partner, London Stock Exchange, positions us at the forefront of the growth stage pre-IPO market. Along with our unique data approach, we evaluate thousands of the most promising global growth opportunities annually.

A distinctive feature not found elsewhere, our latest Growth Fund, crafted after years of development, is structured to incorporate secondaries by design. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates added liquidity features into the legal documentation of each certificate owned by the investor, a pioneering effort by Force Over Mass in collaboration with key partners. We anticipate that this design will facilitate shorter lock-up periods for our investors, delivering enhanced returns.

Index funds have historically been significant liquidity generators in both equity and bond markets, and FOM's upcoming index products are no exception. FOM presents dynamically managed venture portfolios tailored to specific sectors and stages. These pioneering index funds are uniquely crafted to seamlessly align with the operational preferences of pension funds and other institutional investors. We offer customized products for the pension market, aligning with their mandates and providing managed access to alternative assets.