Sector: AI / Data / Analytics
First Investment: Seed
Current Stage: Series A
Case Study Image
CausaLens has created the world’s first no-code causal AI platform. The platform provides augmented decision capabilities to some of the most prominent organizations globally in making critical decisions, such as Aviva and Cisco. Causalens is the only full-stack causal decision making platform, that introduces cause and effect into AI decision making. It is a business friendly, no-code platform that has pioneered a series of fundamental breakthroughs and is protected by valuable patents. It serves a range of industries, including financial services (predicting market trends), healthcare (drug discovery) and automotive companies (autonomous driving).
Users can build and deploy their own apps in days as opposed to months, in a number of business areas from analysing customer churn, portfolio optimisation, identifying causal drivers in government policy, and discovering causal structures in FX trading. In their Decision App Store (decisionOS), users can also use pre-configured apps that solve the most critical business problems.
Causalens was recently named technology research and advisory company to Gartner and Cool Vendors. In addition, the company has just announced its latest partnership with Mayo Clinic to discover biomarkers of cancer using Causal AI.
Causalens most recently raised $45m, after confirming revenue growth of 500% since coming out of stealth.The company’s team consists heavily of PhDs and is run by top scientists and engineers.
Causalens’ platform is currently being used by leading organisations. Customers have used 10 million CPU-hours of computations developed by Causalens, and evaluated more than 500,000 causal models.