The Semi-Liquid Fund

Re-inventing venture

After years of development, we have structured a new set of funds that incorporate innovative secondaries-by-design features. Venture Capital investors are no longer subject to extremely long lock-up periods. Our funds enable pockets of liquidity and auction-style approaches by facilitating the exchange of underlying positions, all while remaining private under a proprietary walled-garden architecture. To the common eye, investing in our funds is no different from any other Venture Capital fund. Upon closer inspection of the inner workings, our investors discover a fund that is simple yet deconstructed for enhanced exchangeability.

Unravelling the Contractual Complexities

We are no longer bound by an intricate web of contractual agreements between the investor, the fund manager, the custodian, the payment agent, and the administrator.

By deconstructing the components into independent elements, we enable the LP, the GP, or both to take profits and pass on their positions without repercussions on the handling of carried interest, management fees, and other governance elements.

Secondaries by Design
Shortened Duration
Pension Fund Compatible
All our Funds embed secondaries by design, removing all friction impeding liquidity. Governance is captured and managed on a tradeable managed certificate.
Benefit from access to additional exit opportunities earlier in the life of the investment with the upcoming liquidity ventures of Floww and London Stock Exchange Group.
Force Over Mass can dynamically manage positions on behalf of its investors. Select your asset allocation composition, let us dynamically manage your portfolio, and adjust your positions to any desired risk-return metrics.
Key Benefits
Higher Returns, Lower Risk
Our unique structure reduces the liquidity premium by shortening the expected duration of the investment.
More Processing Power, Faster Decisions
We have completely automated every aspect of Venture Capital. With the help of infrastructure player Floww (same Founder), we review thousands of additional companies a year without the need to increase human capital.
How It Works
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We have financially-engineered an entirely new structure from the ground up, enabling us to deconstruct the traditional fund. We created a tradeable instrument in which we capture all investor rights on a certificate, including the right to data access. With our private market depositary receipt, each certificate represents a share of the underlying asset that can be globally traded.​

The certificates are held in custody by Floww Trust Company Limited (FTCL) on the BNY Mellon Custody Platform and are governed by the FCA and the JFSC.


The certificate can be exchanged with the original (untradeable) certificate at any ​point in time, with all tax benefits, such as EIS, retained.

FOM funds are built on Floww’s financial infrastructure, enabling direct access to Floww's upcoming secondary market facility and London Stock Exchange’s upcoming ITV (Intermittent Trading facility).